Matthew C. Welker

"The noblest art is that of making others happy.'"
-P.T. Barnum


Co-Owner, Head of Strategy



Having earned his Bachelor’s In Real Estate at Arizona State University, Matt decided to push himself further by completing and receiving his Juris Doctor. After finishing Law School, Matt sought a new challenge in his career with Revana as a Agency Digital Marketing Consultant. Acquiring enough knowledge within 2 years, Matt was afforded the opportunity to become a trainer of more than 150+ Agency Digital Marketing Consultants at Revana. Having established himself as a leader, Matt worked over the next year and a half to grow the Agency program at Revana to hit peak performance. As result of his efforts, Matt garnered the attention of a soon to be established Digital Marketing Agency, RelyOn


Matt started his career helping grow his dad’s small business, Welker Development Resources. Over a 5 year period, Matt worked directly with developers, lawyers, city staff members, architects, and engineers to guide land developments quickly and effectively through the zoning process. 

After attending Law School, Matt became an agency account strategist that consulted with digital marketing companies on how to run their marketing campaigns better, growth their clientele, and onboard their employees. From workflows to optimizing, Matt has worked and grown over 120 agencies throughout his career. Soon Matt was promoted to trainer, where he trained over 100 agency experts. Matt was responsible for a 50% growth in sales for 200+ representatives. Having trained and consulted, Matt has become an expert in growing small business through digital marketing with strategic goals and planning.


Matt is kind of crazy, but lucky for him his beautiful wife ignores most of his crazy. Matt loves bowling, having bowled two (yes, TWO) perfect games (12 strikes in a row), was a top ranked discus thrower (among other weighty objects) in the state of Arizona (from 2002-2004), and most importantly, is revered as an active expert in the art of Yo-Yo. His last great passion is GIFS and MEMEs.

Matthew C. Welker
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