Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Strategy

The foundation to a successful marketing presence is created through a strong digital strategy. We help you analyze your industry, current market presence, and competition to develop marketing plan geared towards your growth and success.

How Do We Do This?

Through strategic analysis, RelyOn can provide you with consistent and measurable results. Whether you are B2B or B2C, RelyOn us to help you develop a strong digital strategy.

Advertising is all about selecting the right audience and then appropriately building and managing your campaigns. We will work with you to spend your advertising budget wisely by demonstrating a deep understanding your target market, delivering your message to potential and current customers and making optimization decisions based on the data that campaigns provide.

Google Ads

You know who is the biggest search engine in the world by a large margin? Google. Do you know how long it takes to rank to the first page on Google with SEO? Approximately 4-7 months. Google Ads lets you show above the results for SEO, for relevant keywords after a few hours of setup. What is a relevant keyword? This is traffic that is relevant to the content of your website and has the INTENT of completing an action that is valuable to YOU on your website. While SEO is a vital part of any marketing plan, no one should wait 4-7 months to grow their business. RelyOn has over 15 years working with Ads, we strategically research the keywords that will provide the highest return on your investment. Our strategy is based on your goals and your success. Try Google Trends to see what traffic you could get today.

Bing Ads

While Google is the top of the top search engine in the world, Bing is second and still has quite a bit of traffic that you can reach for even less of an investment than Google Ads. You know what’s great? Bing Ads has tailored their platform after Google Ads, so when you run a successful Google Ads campaign you are running a successful Bing Ads campaign.

RelyOn’s experience isn’t just with Google Ads, it’s in the PPC market in general. We know how to built to help you succeed. Not just traffic for traffic sake, but quality leads that ensure a lead funnel for long sustained growth. Make your money work for you!


Yahoo Gemini

It’s like a ranking list isn’t it? No this isn’t a top 10 list, Yahoo is the third largest search engine, largely in part because it is powered by Bing. You know, the guys right above us!

Yahoo Gemini helps you reach as many relevant users as possible and can help grow your business quickly and effectively.

RelyOn is your PPC dream team. Don’t waste your money anymore, invest your money into a guaranteed return today.

Yelp Ads

Help clients promote their business through location-targeted, cost-per-click search advertising on Yelp to an audience who is likely to buy. According to Nielsen, 79% of Yelp visitors make a purchase within a week after searching for a business.

Working with RelyOn to manage your Yelp listing can decrease the cost of the Premium features as well as increase your performance from an agency that partners directly with Yelp to get the best practices and tips to show to your local customers.