Thomas C. Berry

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
-Albert Einstein


Owner, Head of Marketing

Thomas’ academic journey took him on many paths. At the University of Arizona, he was a scholar of Engineering and Japanese to help quell his passion for computer programming and the need to learn about a different culture than the one that he had grown up in. After completing his bachelor's studies in southern Arizona, Thomas went on to Arizona State to study business since his brief engineering work lead him to leadership roles. The truth he learned was that in order to be successful as an engineer you would have to understand how businesses work. While studying business, he rekindled his passion for mathematics and earned not only his business degree but also a minor in Mathematics with an emphasis on Number Theory.


Following the need to grow his mind, Thomas went on to a more pressing demand: how to grow his income! While the background in science, engineering, and math would have easily landed a role within a company for those fields, he instead choose to go a different route: marketing! After working in a programming environment and learning that he had a passion for leadership and speaking, Thomas went into the sales and marketing world to mix technology with the philosophy of sales. That is what brought him to digital marketing which as it turns out is a bit of algorithms, some finesse, and lots of variables. All things that he studied for the past decade. Over the course of the last decade, Thomas has been studying the marketing world to better implement search engine marketing and search engine optimization to help grow a business's online presence. This is where he was able to learn the art of building a business identity online and the subtleties of social media marketing, the complexities of advertising mediums like Google AdWords, and the vast breathe of online analytics and big data such as Google Analytics. Throughout these studies he has set himself apart as a thought leader helping guide the digital revolution by speaking to business owners, helping to manage marketing campaigns, and testing new advertising methods for the market leaders such as Google. His career record stands with over 2500 businesses having individually been worked on with an average of 30% uplift in performance year over year. To date, he’s spoken at 32 different business functions to teach others about the benefits of online advertising including several conventions such as the REACH Digital Summit and Connect on Demand by Google. Besides being a marketer, salesmen, and speaker; Thomas has learned extensively about business and does consulting with the SMB market to help them succeed.


The most important titles that Thomas has though are those of Father and Husband. Being a father of 3 beautiful daughters, 1 massive German Shepherd, a bunny, fish, and lizard keeps him very busy. When not working to help change the marketing world, you’ll find him at a park or teaching his kids how to be good stewards of the small blue world that we live on. His other great passion is for the environment and considers it his responsibility to make sure that his family does their part to preserve it.


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Thomas C. Berry
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